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While taco as we know it has only been around for around 100 years, many nations have put their own stamp on this practical and compact meal, resulting in hundreds of varied recipes for taco lovers. We all know who created tacos, but who else has put their own flavor on these tasty pockets of goodness? Popeyes Taco Bell has looked around the world to see how this Mexican masterpiece is served in different places.

Tacos in the United States

With the fish taco, we’re off to such a good start. This tasty pocket of goodness was created in America, specifically in Baja, California. This coastal dish is finished with lime juice and folded up in a tortilla with deep-fried fish, shredded cabbage, salsa, and a mayo-based sauce. The fish taco, which dates back to the 1950s or 1960s, is still most popular in Baja, but it can be found on many menus around the country at the top of the list in Popeyes.

Italian Tacos

The “piada” is a sandwich containing meat, cheese, and tomatoes folded together on a flatbread in a distinctive taco-like shape. Because of the “piada”’s flexibility, this Italian taco can be made in an unlimited number of ways. The “piada” has been passed down through generations, each with its own special recipe. Will you try your hand at making your own version of this taco are you coming to have the professional touch of Popeyes taco bell menu and price list?

Korean Taco

While the Korean taco features traditional Korean ingredients such as kimchi and bulgogi, it was first served as a street snack in Los Angeles in the late 2000s. Food trucks vying for the best rank in on-the-go cuisine devised this meal in a fierce competition. It appears that California is the center of taco innovation! If you ever find yourself in this vibrant state, be sure to take a tour of the various taco variations available at Popeyes and grab your taco bell box.

While many other places across the world have made the taco their own, the taco bell menu with pictures keeps things simple at our Authentic Mexican eatery. You can order a selection of flavorful tacos, nachos, and other Authentic Mexican dishes from the menu. Visit Twisted Taco today to satisfy your taco cravings! We have spicy and delicious tastes to fit your preferences packed in a taco bell 5$ box.

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