Taco bell secret menu.  A secret is exactly what you imagine it to be. The secret menu is just a list of items served at a restaurant that are not on the standard menu. For example, if there are a few elements on the menu that you prefer from other recipes, you already know the restaurant has them and can ask them to prepare a dish just for you. Secret menus have become something of a craze, with customers going to restaurants and ordering from them, or asking for something unique and special that isn’t on the regular menu. If you like Taco Bell, you should try some of these Taco Bell secret menu items.

The Cheesarito

Whenever you want a burrito and a quesadilla in one melted cheese combination, order a cheesarito. You’ll get a warm soft-shell tortilla filled with taco sauce, onions, and melted cheese, which makes for a delicious entrée or snack. Because a cheesarito will awaken your senses, you’ll be ready for more of Taco Bell’s delicious meals.


Consider an enchilada with melted cheese, meat, and beans, as well as a rich layer of sliced onions in red sauce, and you’ve got yourself an enchirito! Your palette will appreciate you for the wonderful sensations in each bite, and you will become an enchirito addict almost instantly.

Chili Cheese Burritos

Chili cheese burritos are made by combining melted cheese and fiery chilli with your regular tortilla, which already contains the finest beans and beef combination ever. You may be annoyed by the dish’s complexity, but you won’t mind once the flavoring caresses your palate before exploding in sizzling fireworks. Simply ask the cashier to top your bean burrito with chilli and cheese.


Because Taco Bell is an American institution, it’s no surprise that a couple of taco bell secret menu options are named after another American institution: superheroes. Request these superhero-themed dishes and you’ll see why they’re Taco Bell’s most popular burritos. The fully loaded Cheesy Double Beef Burrito will satiate Clark Kent’s alter ego’s heroic hunger. For your own heroic day, save this dinner with its extra toppings of potatoes, guacamole, and crispy tortilla strips with sour cream dressing. You’ll become a fan as soon as you bite through its creamy, meaty, and crunchy textures.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk, a monster-sized burrito with monster-sized flavorings, will put an end to your guacamole obsession. You start with Taco Bell’s most popular five-layer burrito, but instead of melted nacho cheese, you want a generous amount of guacamole. You can’t get enough of it, either, especially when you consider the vitamins and minerals in the guacamole, which are added to your soul-satisfying meal.

The Hulk

You may still want your bean and cheese burrito’s cheesy qualities, but you’ll also want a heaping helping of guacamole on top. Your option is: Order the standard bean and cheese burrito, but add a side of the green delight known as guacamole. With each bite, your mouth will relish the flavor contrasts between the spicy beans and the chilly guacamole.

Double Grilled Quesadilla

Quesadillas and waffles are also on the Taco Bell secret menu, in addition to burritos and enchiladas. Allow Taco Bell to pleasantly surprise you with its crunchy and crispy double grilled quesadilla, which has been grilled twice as long as usual. The end result is a satisfying contrast between the softness of the flavorful meat and gooey cheese on the inside and the crunchy, crispy texture on the outside.

Waffle Taco

Taco Bell isn’t exactly known for being a breakfast spot, but its Waffle Taco may persuade you otherwise. In a waffle taco shell, you can have sausage and scrambled eggs, but it’s only available in a few places. You can always add spice to your regular orders if you don’t desire to order the aforementioned cuisine items. Request the Anything Spicy Green, a blazing green sauce with a kick that will enhance the flavor of everything from chimichangas to enchiladas, as well as the Anything Lava Sauce, a spicy cheese dip with scorching flavors that can be poured on almost anything.


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